Managing HR in an organisation with thousands of employees across multiple countries is extremely complex.

You need to make sure you have the right data and insights to demonstrate your programme’s ROI. 做到这一点可以带来更好的治理, risk management, 成本控制和员工敬业度.

全球利益管理 offers multinational organisations an effective way to manage insured employee benefits around the world. 全球或区域安排提供了能见度, control, 节约成本并确保治理的一致性, 同时提供基于当地国家需求的解决方案.


The right global benefits management programme for your organisation is one that is built around you. 你的行业,你的结构,你的地点,你的人.

随着雇主在全球范围内扩大业务, they need to look at the scope and level of benefits they provide for their increasingly diverse and mobile workforces. This includes understanding the range of health and well-being risks present in each location and their impact on employee productivity and engagement.


跨国企业面临的成本压力越来越大. 对许多人来说,福利是主要的外发,约占20% total payroll costs. 在医疗趋势费率不断上升的推动下,这一数字可能会大幅上升.

On top of this, 大量的资源用于跟踪, renewing, tendering, 并在全球范围内对保险福利进行基准测试.

Many organisations pay the price for a fragmented, multi-national approach to benefits broking. In fact, 81% of multinational benefits leaders say ‘global consistency’ is their number one priority according to MMB的福利技术趋势报告.

Firms urgently need to find efficiencies by harmonising and managing benefits collectively. 这意味着建立一个强大的全球结构, with the ability to tailor benefits for simple and agile local execution and employee engagement.

全球利益管理(GBM)方法简化了这一过程, 简化管理, boosting value for money, 确保项目提供可衡量的投资回报.

  1. 访问和使用有洞察力的数据和分析来做出业务决策 
  2. 降低和管理成本
  3. 流程化和自动化流程
  4. 改善员工福利,提高员工敬业度
  5. 确保合规性和改进治理
无论您处于全球福利管理计划的哪个阶段, we’ve got all the help you need to design and build something that’s right for you, your people, locations and industry. And right for your future.

MMB can help you mine your data to analyse your risks, financing, claims ratios and exclusions. And together we plan out your journey to a relevant, authentic global programme.

One that drives the growth and resilience of your people and enriches their employee experience, wherever they are.

Our integrated suite of tools gives you a clear view of your whole programme and its costs: every benefit plan; every vendor; every country. 计划,续订和财务都在你的指尖. With the data and analytics to make true oversight and governance not only possible, but easy.

Our award-winning Darwin technology delivers the compelling benefits experience that will help you attract and keep the best people. Enabling you to promote and track your employees’ engagement with their benefits, 同时也通过自动化降低风险和提高生产率.

With a data-driven, evidence-based global view, you can demonstrate your programme’s ROI and the value of benefits to your organisation.

By creating a holistic and forward-looking benefits strategy you’ll empower your people in every corner of the organisation to be more productive and engaged.
Matt Duffy,全球商务总监


Manage risk

你无法管理你看不到的东西. 我们让您清楚地了解您的风险,以及管理风险的方法. To cover your benefits, 遵守当地法律, 应对日益复杂的风险和暴露计划, 通过自动化降低风险,提高员工生产力. And to use benefits to manage the greatest risk of all: not attracting the best and brightest people to your business.

Control costs

在全球范围内,医疗通胀和索赔都在上升 medical trend rate of 12.6% projected for 2023. 如果你不了解你的成本,你就无法阻止成本的上升. 我们帮助您绘制和分析您的成本,以找到效率, to optimise spend, 使用程序中的数据进行艰难的谈判. 当你能看到你的花费, you can use your size – and leverage our networks and experience – to strike better deals. On average, we save multinationals 10-15% on global and regional benefits premiums*.

* Source: MMB Global Benefits Management Analytics - An average saving of 10-15% of premiums demonstrated over a three-year term following the introduction of a new global benefits management programme in a non-pandemic year.


我们为您提供全球福利支出的可见性, 帮你制定预算并为之融资, 充分利用你的规模和规模经济. 从保险到自我保险或专属保险, we’ll help you finance your programme in the way that’s right for who you are – and where you are on your benefits journey.

Improve well-being

When your people are all over the world, it can be hard to get a view on their well-being. 我们帮助您制定战略和规划,转化为更健康的健康, more engaged employees, as well as lower premiums. We help you understand what you have in place; help you listen to employees and understand what it is they truly need; and help you set a strategy that delivers on those needs, everywhere.


We can help you design, build, finance, automate and manage your global or regional programme to attract and keep top talent.

我们在你的旅途中遇见你, 并带来垂直行业的专业知识和基准, 来自140多个国家的本地见解, 新的想法和新的工作方式.

We work with you to build a programme that’s right for you now and for who you want to become. 除了建立福利计划,我们还建立关系. Strategic and long-term. Partnering with you to strengthen connections between your global and local teams. 

  • 全球咨询和合规

    Create a governance framework that aligns with your HR model and improves the employee experience in local markets.


  • Global financing

    A single benefits broker to optimise your financing strategy for global employee benefits programmes at the local, 区域或国际层面, 帮助改善与风险和财务团队的协作.
  • Local servicing

    Local policy placement, claims management and employee support means you can improve the employee experience, 解决当地问题,提高效率.
  • Specialised technology

    From our market-leading benefit software for managing global benefits and compensation information. Including a user-friendly app-like experience for employees accessing their benefits. 
  • 数字化福利管理

    体验集中管理的好处:更容易管理, 管理和沟通员工在你的办公室.
  • Cost management

    对整个项目及其成本有一个清晰的认识和控制, every benefits plan, every vendor, every country.

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